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Test Code Vanc Vancomycin Level

Special Collection Instructions

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Peak Draw 1 hour after dose
Trough Draw immediately prior to dosing
Random Draw anytime

Collection Method

Venous collection

Minimum Volume

  • Adults: 0.8 mL
  • Pediatric: 0.6 mL


Lt Green / Plasma Separator / Lithium Heparin

Preferred Specimen

Light Green Top (lithium heparin) plasma

Acceptable Specimens


  • Gold Top SST

  • Red Top

  • Light Geen Top (lithium heparin)
  • Purple or Pink Top(K2/K3 EDTA)

Reference or Target Ranges

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Peak or random 25 – 40 ug/mL
Trough 10 – 20 ug/mL
Random Not establish reference ranges

Reportable Units


Critical Value

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Peak or random No established critical value
Trough >30 ug/mL
Random No established critical value

Reasons for Rejection

Hemolysis Threshold
1000 mg/dL
Icterus Threshold
60 mg/dL
Lipemia Threshold
1000 mg/dL
QNS, contaminated, improperly Labeled, improper specimen type

Specimen Stability

48 hours
Refrigerated (4°C to 8°C)
14 days
Frozen(-40°C to 0°C)
1 year

Performance Information

Days and Time Performed
Expected Turn Around Time
Stat: 1 hour
Routine: 4 hours
Stat Availability
Performing Bench
UH Chemistry, WCH Chemistry
Methodology/Method Description
Roche Cobas – Kinetic interaction of mircroparticles in solution (KIMS)

CPT Codes